deviant of a lifetime: steve jobs, apple
“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” ~ Steve Jobs

we know what they say about one bad apple. but what do they say about one good one? for better or worse, our love affair with macintosh, apple and steve jobs took us from the outskirts of innovation to the treacherous terrain of closed proprietary content. no matter what side you found yourself on — i have been on both during my love-hate-love with apple — there is no denying that jobs would not be denied his right to dream.

a few of my favorite things:: macintosh classic, imac tangerine, ipod nano, ipad2….and wall-e

thank you for thinking different, mr. jobs. may you rest in peace.

deviant of the day: Pakistani Actress Veena Malik

thanks to a friend who showed me the Dysfunctional Bachelor blog and his post titled Babe Of The Month: And Why Every Woman Should See This, I’m able to bring you this video.

Malik was a star on a “Big Brother”-style TV show. This is extremely controversial in her world….our world. She kicks major ass. Check it out.

now is the time to raise women up, not tear them down. how can you or your business do that?

deviants of the day: rizzoli & isles

i don’t watch the show, though (trivia) angie and i did go to the same church in dallas growing up, so i’m not exactly sure who said what. however, i do know that lines that went something to the effect of "heroes are actually social deviants" were uttered on the season 2 premiere: we don’t need another hero.

mad props for recognizing that bravery in the face of fear….does indeed make one a social deviant at times…

i couldn’t find a specific clip for it, so i opted for the “Be a Queen” promo clip.

go do something awesome. rescue someone else and you rescue yourself.

deviant of the day: julia child

i watched julie & julia for the first time last night after being told that i “have to watch it” by several friends (affiliate link). not sure what took me so long to get around to it — maybe it’s because i’ve never been big on cooking. i adore meryl streep, though, and this movie was definitely up my alley.

nutshell lessons: try things until you find your passion. share your gifts. be good to people.

i never really thought that much about julia child when she was alive, but i’m glad i got to discover her last night. at first blush, she doesn’t seem to fit the “social deviant” persona. however, i say her height alone qualifies her to be in the deviant of the day club. she was so much more than tall in stature, though.

she obsessed over her passion without alienating her husband, family, integrity or principles. she was fearless, confident, loving, generous, strict and gifted. she knew how to be grateful for and live in every moment. she conquered many “firsts” for women by “staying in the kitchen,” which has a nice ring of irony to it. finally, she was one of the first foodies. she made no apologies for loving to make and eat delicious food.

bon appetit!

deviant video of “back in the” day: the oh so awesome lip dub from the crew at college humor

this video just doesn’t get old for me. i saw it for the first time in 2007 i think back when i lived in nyc, and it makes me happy.

seriously, if all “corporate” culture were like this, less of us would feel the need to escape from cubicle nation.

just remember that now that you’re out trailblazing, involve everyone in the process, the blogs, the customer service…and share your beer for crying outloud.

deviant anti-advertising of the day: alamo drafthouse cinema

the warning: sassy girl with foul language (so watch it around youngsters/bosses)

the awesome: alamo drafthouse going public with this is best anti-campaign ever. will surely increase their IDEAL patrons…and isn’t that always the goal in marketing?

deviant of the dead: dr. kevorkian

dr. jack kevorkian, the deviant who fought for the right to die, is dead at 83. i hope he will be remembered for the hero he is and was for so many people who were denied their voice and CHOICE to die on their own terms. thank you, dr. kevorkian for your fight, for standing up for those who could not do so themselves. you have blazed a trail that i hope becomes a mainstreet. may you and the ones you’ve helped rest in peace.

Deviant of the Day: Shania Twain Finds Her Voice

Shania Twain has yet to live by anyone’s rules but her own. From abuse and poverty to pop superstardom, Twain blazed her own trail through country music. Bucking the Nashville inner circle, she was a girl from Canada who lived in Sweden with a rockstar producer husband — and still managed to redefine the genre and lifestyle.

When the castle crumbled — Mutt Butt Lange, her long-time husband left her for her “best friend,” and Twain discovered she suffers from dysphonia, a vocal condition where you basically can’t get your vibrato on — Twain felt lost.

Seven years later, Twain has a new memoir “From This Moment On,” and a new show on Oprah’s OWN network called “Why Not?”. Twain is reclaiming her life, her way, and taking us along for the ride.

Deviant of a Lifetime: Princess Diana

Diana Spencer became the woman who would be queen. Her beauty captured our hearts when we first met her in the 80s, and her spirit, her defiance, her strength, her commitment to others and her love of her sons kept us entranced until the day she died on August 31, 1997.

A true deviant, she was a woman of the people, and was unapologetic in using her power and position to raise the profile of her anti-landmine campaigns, as well as many other charities and organizations of good will.

I will not bother with “If she were here today, she’d be proud of her son, William and adore Kate Middleton.” For one thing, she was always proud of her sons as far as I could tell, for another, no girl is good enough for any woman’s son, no matter how beautiful and similar she may seem. If the new duchess is half the woman Princess Diana was then the couple should be in good shape. They’ll certainly enjoy plenty of adventures together.

My only hope is that she was here long enough and her legacy and memories have endured long enough to make positive and lasting impressions on her sons.

How will you be remembered?

deviant of a lifetime: elizabeth taylor (February 27, 1932 – March 23, 2011)

child star

ravishing beauty

talented actress

vulnerable woman

loving mother

loyal friend

crusader for truth and rights, whether it be for homosexuals and the fight against HIV and AIDS or whether it be boycotting awards ceremonies to show her disapproval of war as a solution, liz taylor was all of these and more.

never replaceable


elizabeth taylor